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Waste Water Treatment and Drinking Water Plant
Automation Industry 4.0

Who We Are

Was born from the high demands for businesses with sustainable solutions, hence design with sustainable approach is a must, not only from the climate change point of view but also from the context of resource efficiency. Facing an emerging market in ASIA, BARYON gives its years of experiences as well as multinational talents’ background. The market often requires a custom, tailor-made approach to meet their specific requirements, one fits all design, less complicated design process by avoiding multiple consultant for one project and so on.

provide a one-stop-shop solution of engineering and procurement in sustainable manner as a way of doing business. With a complete package of experts in the area of electrochemistry, bio-chemical, waste treatment, IT system, automation and control system, energy management system, renewable energy, computational fluid dynamic, energy efficiency, green building to green manufacturing, the company would bring all clients into a different dimension, where inefficiency of energy, waste, water and production process will be history. Read More